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Are you a stay-at-home-mom who understands the benefits of beginning your child’s education while they are young, but you’re not really sure where to start when planning a curriculum with a theme?  PlayingToDiscover.com’s preschool lesson plan themes are the perfect solution for you!  These themes have been put together by an experienced Early Childhood Education Teacher.  They are designed specifically to be simple, fun, inexpensive, and to use materials that you already have or are easy to find at your local store.

Maybe you are an Early Childhood Education Teacher working at a day care or preschool, or maybe even opening your own home day care, and you are looking for a dynamic curriculum with a focus on hands-on activities that will provide the children in your care with experiences that encourage open-ended learning.  PlayingToDiscover.com’s curriculum themes are designed to be more process-centered than product-centered.  You won’t find flash cards in these preschool lesson plans, but instead you will find activities that engage the minds of children and that encourage and develop their creativity and instill a love of learning.

In whatever capacity you are working with preschool children, PlayingToDiscover.com’s curriculum and lesson plan themes will be fun and educational for the child, and they will save you money and many hours of research and planning.  Instead of using all of your energy and resources trying to plan these activities, rely on the knowledge and experience of an Early Childhood Education teacher who has already done the work for you by buying themes from PlayingToDiscover.com.

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